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Anonymous asked: If any of your troupe members were to murder you, which one(s) would you think would be most likely to do it and why?

Hmm…I honestly can’t think of anyone who would have the motive to murder me inside my own troupe. I hope not.

….no, I shouldn’t get paranoid. That never leads to anything good.

…making sure all my doors and windows are locked anyways.

Filed under I don't think anyone in the main troupe would kill Loyal if anyone in the circus tries to murder him It would probably be some grunt who had something against him like maybe they're from the other circus that Loyal murdered or something

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infernalsentinel asked: Hi, new guy!

Here is Ashley’s friend, “Funnel” Kate. As you may have guessed, she’s a new food vendor whose specialty is funnel cake. She seemed to have the circus spirit the moment she stepped in, always wearing fantastically over-the-top outfits and wearing up her hair in all sorts of wonderfully creative ways.

I’m not just complimenting just because I have a sweet tooth and her funnel cakes are to die for. No. Of course not.

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your-dream-has-a-flavour asked: (( Hi, new guy! ))

And now, onto the actual new recruits. This is “Mothy”. Please don’t ask me what her actual name is, I honestly don’t know. She’s one of the band members that plays the live music during circus performances.

Essentially, she takes over my trumpet playing parts when I’m in the ring. She’s a fairly decent trumpet player, which is good. But sometimes I think she takes her role a little too seriously. I’ve heard tale that she sometimes uses up her free time memorizing her part in the band so she plays her part perfectly. I’ve also heard she can be a bit bossy. I’ve had to intervene at least a few times when she and the other band members got into an argument.

Other than that, she’s fine. She does her job, and things usually go smoothly.